Tuesday 16 May 2017

what does the fox say?

The front page on my Guardian app caught my eye yesterday and seemed to rather sum up the state of UK politics at the moment: a very unconvincing Theresa May harangued by a member of the public over her party's treatment of the disabled and, in considerably smaller print, "Corbyn vows to help underpaid and overworked nurses".

If you didn't know any better, which one of those two politicians do you think would be popular with the average person in the street?

Yes, the one who wore diamond studded shoes on the One Show whilst talking about how her marriage was "strong and stable", of course!

It's intensely depressing that this government can pretty much say and do whatever they want - bring back fox-hunting, sell the NHS, grind the bones of the poor, the sick and the disabled down into fertiliser....whatever - and they're still going to increase their majority at the general election next month.  I actually heard the former leader of the Conservative party, Michael Howard, talking on the radio the other day about how Remain voters no longer get a say, and that their opinions are worthless because they lost the debate in the referendum. I've heard otherwise rational-seeming people saying that any MPs that favour anything other than a hard Brexit should be sacked because they clearly aren't representing the will of the people.  It's baffling.

(As an aside, there's a reason why referendums - federal plebiscites - are illegal in the German constitution.  Just sayin'...)

Still, who doesn't want strong and stable leadership, eh?

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We live in interesting times, I'm afraid.

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