Monday 5 June 2017

the public gets what the public wants...

As we were travelling down to London on Saturday afternoon, a guy and his wife boarded at Bedford and sat down in the seats opposite us around the table.  Inasmuch as you can tell from a first impression, they looked to be a friendly pair, with the chap in particular having a friendly face and something of a cheerful demeanour. They were maybe fractionally older than me, although I must confess to losing my ability to judge things like this, and could easily have been my age or a little younger.

As they made themselves comfortable and the train pulled out of the station, the guy turns to his wife and says:
"Now then.  Let's find out what's going on with the election"
He then reached into a WHSmiths back and pulled out a copy of the Sun, which he proceeded to read cover to cover over the course of a full fifteen minutes.

I trust he found enlightenment.

We really are doomed, aren't we?

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