Wednesday 21 August 2019


Write a brief dialogue between your character and someone else. Make them disagree. Add in descriptive sentences throughout until you feel that it’s balanced.

Ancient Aliens

After a long, comfortable lull in the conversation, Joe leaned forward on the sofa, took a deep and thoughtful breath and looked over the room at Sam. “You know what?” He didn’t pause for an answer but ploughed straight on, “I reckon it must have been aliens”.
Sam rolled her eyes. Not this shit again. A few glasses of red wine, some crappy late-night programming from the SyFy Channel and a few too many spliffs always had this effect on him. “Oh yeah?”
“Yeah”. Joe looked thoughtful for a moment. “There just isn’t any other explanation that makes sense”. At this pronouncement, he sat back definitively.
Sam crossed her arms. “Explanation for what?”
“For everything”.
“For everything?” After all this time, Sam couldn’t resist biting. “Aliens are responsible for everything? Would you care to narrow that down a little?”
Joe frowned. “Ancient aliens were here when mankind was still scraping around in the caves. They flew down, showed us fire and built the pyramids and shit”. He sniffed and reached for his tobacco. “Without them, we’d still be grubbing around in the dirt”.
“Yeah. And that’s a fact, is it? No room for argument?” To be honest, Sam didn’t know why she bothered talking to Joe when he was like this. It was funny up to a point, but she should know better than to expect any kind of sense out of him.
“Well, how else do you explain it? The Aztec pyramids. Egypt. We still don’t really know how they built those, do we?”
“Ah yes, if only they had access to unlimited, disposable slave labour in those societies, eh?”
Joe didn’t even bother looking up from the delicate construction of his next joint. “Well, I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand it”
“Someone like me?” This was old territory, but Joe either didn’t recognise the danger he was walking into, or he simply didn’t care.
“You’re so fucking logical. You need to be a bit more…”.
“Yeah? A bit more what?”
“Open fucking minded”.
Sam laughed. “Pass that over here, you twat and shut up”.
Just another Saturday night.

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