Tuesday 27 July 2004

After watching Wife Swap, I have decided that they are definitely pushing some sort of agenda out into the world.  There's always one couple who we are meant to see as 'nice' and another couple that are 'nasty'.  The way they portray it, there's always one couple (or certainly one woman) who comes off worst.   So what's the ideal family according to wife swap? 

fast food = bad / organic food = good

fat = bad / thin = good

higher class = good /lower class = bad  (although nouveau riche = VERY BAD)


Or am I reading too much into this?  Stupid programme - why would you ever want to volunteer?  Actually, perhaps it says a lot about the type of audience channel 4 try to pull in... they try and cover it up with all that opera and arts programmes and stuff, but basically all your smart, intelligent 25-35 year old wants to do is read Heat and watch Big Brother, right?


Frankly it's amazing -- and yet oh so inevitable -- how people choose to make use of mobile phone camera technology.  Guess what the most popular pictures are of?  And what it is about guys that they think we want to look at pictures of that (and no, I'm not putting a link up to that - you can damn well find it for yourself) 

C. has just told me that this is like the photocopier - so many useful functions, and best known for people copying their arse.


On a completely different note........ love the new Hives album and have just bought tickets for their Nottingham show on 22nd September.  It's a Wednesday night, but I'm pleased to say that JVP and Scat will be travelling up for the gig.  Nice work boys, nice work.

Poker as an Olympic sport anyone?  (mac sent me the actual link to this to sign the petition, but I have lost the damn thing - and the BBC are too chicken to put it on)

and I haven't played Spider-Man today either - woo hoo!

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