Wednesday 28 July 2004

I've just been looking at some of my old posts and realised that at one point I call my two brothers' fiancées "financees"...  a much better word for it and quite funny, so I'm going to leave it.  


I signed my T&Cs, by the way.  Has nothing to do with the grading or anything like that, and that can all be looked at separately.  It's not like I was going to appeal or anything, but I was (and to a certain extent still am) disgruntled by the way that they had chosen to grade me.   We were also all expecting some kind of incentivisation to sign onto the new T&Cs, and nothing was forthcoming.  I don't think that's too unreasonable (although it looks like I won't be getting any kind of a payrise now until November 2005, which is a bit depressing).  It did make me wonder where the expectation came from though

Pah.  Some people are never pleased.

Me moaning about my job probably doesn't make riveting reading though, right?

How about a quick insight into my job?  Just a little snippet?

I work on a massive industrial site owned by a large and well-known British retailer.  The site has things like warehouses, factories, a power-station (yup) and is about the size of Monaco.  I work in the main Head Office building that has a few thousand people in it.   [I'm getting bored now... God knows how you feel, dear reader...]

My desk has a few things on it:

 - a couple of laptops (old company laptop, new company laptop - I still need both)

 - phone

 - piles of paper

 - some cinnamon altoids

 - a medal/mousemat showing I was champion of the office Fantasy Football League 2002/3

 - A little Darth maul Beanie

 - my Ipod and sennheiser headphones (kills the background noise)

 - a baseball (got given it about 10 years ago by a friend on his return from Virginia)  It has a puncture mark in it from a biro nib)

 - a clever coffee mug/cafetiere thing

 - a postcard from Kata Tjuta (sent by me to the office, but I like the picture and it reminds me of a great holiday)

 - a little voodoo doll full of pins

 - an Ipod postcard

 - a picture of Ranji, sent to me by semioticghost, a german bookcrosser who knows I like cricket and saw the photo at an exhibition and thought of me.

 - an assortment of name badges and ID cards, business cards

 - my phone charger

 - clutter....

hm.  too much crap.

And my day consisted largely of doing things that are definitely pointless in the grand scheme of things.  As days go, it was ok.  I had a chicken caesar sandwich and some salt & vinegar squares for my lunch, and it's soup for tea!

rock on.


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