Friday 9 July 2004

Isn't Ghostbusters a brilliant film? Made in 1984, and about the only thing that's dated is the dog-like things done in Ray Harryhausen-esque stop animation (wait for this link to load and get going - very funny). Bill Murray is obviously a god... such a funny guy. How has he not been in more good films than he has (although frankly how many others would kill to have been in Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Kingpin, the Royal Tennenbaums, Rushmore, Lost in Translation and (above all) Caddyshack?) Okay, maybe he's been in a few then. I even like Quick Change. Oooh, and Ed Wood and Scrooged.

I've also re-discovered Tiger Woods Golf 2003 on my Playstation. I'm busy working my way through the tournaments - very frustrating. I love the fact that on the one hand I can zoom around some courses with a 55 and then suddenly get bitten on the arse by a six over par 17th that completely throws a couple of hours hard work out of the window. Stupid game!

Tomorrow I go pick up from the framing guy my Morrissey/Marr shot by Stephen Wright - the photographer most famous for the shot of the band outside Salford Lads Club. It's a lovely photo, and although it set me back £45, I think it was well worth it. And I'm also very aware that someone coming cold to this blog probably thinks I'm obsessed with Morrissey. I discovered The Smiths through the song "Half a Person" when I was 18 and in my first year at university. Possibly a little late... (I remember watching Top of the Pops when Billy Joel was number one with "Uptown Girl" and I only now know that his also featured The Smiths doing "What Difference Does it Make"... funny huh?). Anyway. Been into Morrissey a lot since then, including reading things like "The Severed Alliance" by Johnny Rogan. I suppose the publicity around the new album and the tour have brought it all flooding back for me(Q have done a brilliant special edition on The Smiths and Morrissey which is well worth a read by the way). In the last couple of weeks I have

1) Listened to several Smiths albums I haven't heard through for ages (like "Meat is Murder" which is fantastic)

2) I have seen the man himself playing at Glastonbury... the first time I have seen him live.

3) I've dug out several solo albums to have a listen... not so amazing with albums like "Your Arsenal" and especially "Vauxhall and I", but today I even had a go at "Maladjusted" for heaven's sake... Roy's Keen anyone?

4) I'm thinking of buying the book "Saint Morrissey" because it looks interesting and intelligent

5) I'm sorely tempted to take up a last minute ticket to see him headlining at the Move festival in Manchester on Sunday. Did the same with REM last year after seeing them at Glastonbury, and they were brilliant. Truth is that if someone would come with me, I'd probably be there like a shot, whatever the hassle.

It can't be healthy. I'm 30 years old for heaven's sake! and I have a girlfriend!

Right. Off to bed and my book.


"Hatful of Sky" by Terry Pratchett

(still). Just getting into it now (despite the pages all falling out of the binding) and need to get it finished so I can pass it on.


had a go at "Maladjusted" on my PC at work this afternoon. Better than I remembered, to be honest, but the cover is just awful.

Had James on in the car this week too - their "best of" collection is a great car CD. Shame I couldn't go and see Tim Booth at Glastonbury... saw James several times and they were never less than cracking, and on one occasion (Oxford Poly in about 1998 the day before they played Glasto, actually) they were sensational. Good band - very underrated and now sadly no longer with us.


woke up this morning and realised I had been dreaming about being on death row and dubbya wouldn't pardon me. Someone in the office pointed out that this probably meant my psyche was in a terrible state. I think I agree.

Bookcrossing Convention next week. Should be good!

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