Wednesday 4 August 2004

Almost forgot to mention - I've basically finished Spider-Man 2. Well, I haven't completed the game, in that there seems to be some more stuff to do (get more hero points, collect the skyscraper tokens, complete all the races etc.) to get to 100%. I have however defeated Dr. Octopus and rescued MJ, who has now declared her undying love (had to wait until she knew me and spider-man were one and the same... so shallow) I think getting to 100% enables you to get the Venom costume, which will be pretty cool, in a geeky kinda way... Not sure I'll have the requisitite patience though. We'll see. Frisquette is at Salsa tonight, so I'll have a couple of hours to myself... if I play the game, I'll probably see it through to the end. If I don't, and end up watching BB or a DVD (I quite fancy Donnie Darko), then I might not bother.

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