Tuesday 31 August 2004

Athens 2004 - Friday 20th August

Mmm. Beach Volleyball. Can you tell the athletes apart from the dancers?

Lazy start to the day - awake at about 11am, then up and about for a leisurly stroll around the Plaka and a decent-ish salad for lunch. Walk around the Acropolis too, and get my first proper view of the Parthenon. Must get up there before I leave. Also buy my first piece of Olympic merchandise - a bag - decided I need more room in my day bag than my little mambo shoulder number is providing. This quality piece of 30 Euro Merchandise will proceed to fall apart over the course of the next week...

Head off for a few pints at a nice Heineken bar in Syntagma square. Nice big glasses, nice outdoor terracey thing, lovely hot day... Life is sweet. Can it get any sweeter? Ah yes, we're off to the Beach Volleyball. We watch a men's game, and it's all very well, but as you might expect, it's the women's game that gets everyone excited. To be fair, this is only partially because of the ridiculous costumes, and a lot to do with the fact that it is Greece vs Brazil. The game is pretty good, but I think the brazillians are a different class (stop sniggering at the back). Still the Greeks get pretty excited and it's an interesting way to spend an evening.

Catch the X12 and get off at the old 1896 Panathaniko stadium - where they are holding the archery and the marathon finish - and have a look. It's all lit up and looks absolutely splendid. We were due to come here yesterday, but binned the archery in favour of the badminton. That was a good decision, but it does look fabulous.

We walk a very, very long way home, and stop off for Pizza in the street at dominos. Nice. Posted by Hello

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