Sunday 8 August 2004

Jazz? Hmm Nice

Nice weekend in Oxford - main purpose of the visit was a trip to Shoreditch and to a Vietnamese restaurant and then a Jazz club in honour of Scat and Emma C's 30th Birthdays (sorry can't remember the names, but the jazz club was near that table football bar). There had been some debate over the dress-code (in that Emma wanted us to make an effort, and we wanted not to bother). In the end I settled on a decent shirt with cufflinks, cords and shoes. Naturally it was therefore the hottest day of the year to date, and I was bloody roasting. Still, nice beef stew, nice jazz, nice company and the journey on the Oxford Tube was painless.

Late night (home to Rich's by about 03:30), greasy breakfast and the papers, round to the idiot brothers for the BBCs top 50 Olympic moments, and then back up to Nottingham in time for tea. Sounds pretty mundane written down, huh? Well, it was a nice weekend - especially on friday night when I had a couple of quiet pints with Rich - The Honeypot and Far From the Madding Crowd are nice pubs, and I'm not sure I've been in either before. In the latter, I had a good chat with the barman about cider, before being recommended Thatcher's Spartan, which was very nice -- not sure my head agreed on Saturday morning though.

Even managed to squeeze in a run saturday morning before pissing off down to London.

JVP's Dutch shirt arrived as well - name spelt correctly this time - but hats off to Soccerbox for making the extra effort to make sure it got down to Oxford on time. Shame you got it wrong first time, but good follow-up work leaves me as a happy customer!

Did I say it was hot? Good practice for Athens, maybe?

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