Wednesday 29 September 2004


This news hot off the presses from my insider at a major UK electrical retailer.... Electronic Arts are being forced to recall all Playstation 2 copies of "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005" because of a bug believed to affect all copies of the game.   This affects me directly, as I own the game already, but I'm also a bit alarmed from a professional point of view (I work in IT) that EA let a game slip out of their testing process with a fundamental flaw in it - a flaw that has been picked up by some gamers less than a week after the release of the game (i.e. shouldn't have taken all that much testing to find it).

The bug, apparently, is that when you beat Seve Ballesteros in the "legends" tour section, the whole game crashes.  Somehow I think it's a feature Seve himself would approve of....

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