Thursday 30 September 2004

Lovejoy rides again

I've been watching 'Deadwood' on Sky One on Tuesday nights... the undoubted star of the show is that old charmer Ian McShane. It's early days yet (the second episode was this week), but I have to say it's looking pretty good. At the moment the only thing that I am watching regularly each week is 'Six Feet Under', but 'Deadwood' looks like being added to the list. TV's not what it used to be, eh?


Judging from the growing number of comments starting to appear there, Mac's Ultimate Olympian blog seems to be taking off. He's currently working his way through the "leisure centre" events (badminton, table tennis etc.). Get yourself over there and offer the madman some support.


It came to me in a meeting this morning that I think I dreamt about a woman with a hairy chest last night. I don't remember any of the details, and thankfully have no mental pictures to dwell on - I do distinctly remember dreaming about it though. Weird.

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