Wednesday 13 October 2004

"It don’t look much but I’ve been far"

You know it's nearly winter when the nights begin to draw in. I've already talked about how this has been driving me indoors into the gym instead of being able to take a run along the river. Another example of the changing weather cropped up tonight when I went over to see my friend Nick in the deepest, darkest Leicestershire countryside to enter his local pub quiz. Naturally this meant I had to get into my car and wind my way along the A606 towards Melton. It had gone 7pm, so I did my first proper bit of night driving since the seasons turned - you know, when you have to have the headlights on and concentrate really hard (and it was raining too).

People can be such morons, can't they? Which bit of headlight dipping is difficult to understand? It's not as though the dipper is kept in an incovenient place is it? Ah yes - RIGHT BY YOUR HAND!

(and I hate those really bright spotlights they put on posh cars as well, whilst we're on the subject).

For reference, and on the off chance you are interested, we didn't win the quiz, but we didn't come home empty-handed ... oh no... we won:

  1. A packet of cheese & onion crisps (for knowing that nougat was made in Montélimar)
  2. A packet of mini cheddars (for the best team name - '"Rebecca Loos is fondling my pig".... said Posh'. See here for an explanation - it's got to be better reading about it in The Sun than hearing one of the team of grannies in the pub explaining to the others what it meant. Frankly, if I hear another group of women over the age of 70 discussing semen again, it will be too soon.)
  3. A bottle of faux-champagne for getting a "row" of correct answers (don't ask - the quiz sheet was in some sort of bingo layout). Result! (I left all of the prizes with Nick, obviously)

Clocks go back this weekend. I suppose that means that I have to spend all week listening to people moronically chatting about the nights really drawing in, and ooooh isn't it dark for 4pm, etc. etc. Gah!



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