Monday 11 October 2004

"Libraries gave us power, then work came and made us free"

OK - perhaps the world hasn't been exactly crying out for it, but here's a picture of my desk at work (at about 19:45 this evening).

Things to note:

- 2 laptops

- Ipod (today listening to "meltdown" by Ash)

- Ipod postcard

- postcard from Kata Tjuta (January feels like a long, long time ago)

- A postcard of Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji (Ranji)

- Nice pink mechanical pencil

- baseball (on strange metal tube)

- Little beanie Darth Maul

- Moleskine notebook (squared)

- Gold & Silver medal mouse-mats from (2002/3 and 2003/4 respectively)

- Untidy and disorganised piles of paper

- Existentially empty office space

What does this say about me that I spend 10-odd hours a day here?Posted by Hello

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