Friday 1 October 2004

I really have to get out more

Further to a couple of posts below (here and here), I found a link to this (I swear, I was not looking for it...)

"One of the unnecessary changes to the Star Wars is the Greedo shoots first change. Aside from who shoots first and what does that to the character, the main problem to the scene is that it looks lame. Unfortunately the 2004 Edition of the movie doesn’t resolve this and the best looking solution is how it already was in the original version. It simply didn’t need any changes. Here is an excellent short story about this that I have recently found. This is an excellent comic. Make sure you buy Star Wars Tales Volume 4 TPB from Dark Horse."

the comic strip is here.

Frankly this scares me. I think I need to re-examine my life.


On a related topic, and speaking of people who ought to get out more - check out Star Wars chick (again, I swear to God I wasn't looking for this - I innocently followed a link on a blog)

Slave Leia mk 3 anyone?

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