Sunday 3 October 2004

"And I Won't Look Down..."

OK. CDs finally arrived from Play (Embrace & Interpol on Friday and Devendra Banhart & The Futureheads on Saturday morning). "Gravity" by Embrace is such a fantastic song. I like to say that Danny MacNamara honks like a sealion, but that song (written by Chris Martin) is touched by genius and no mistake. C. wasn't at all surprised when I said I really liked it, and remarked that this was exactly the kind of thing that I always go for- meaning, I think, sappy guitar bands. Maybe, but this is a great song anyway.

I'm currently tapping my foot to 'The Futureheads' though - an album which probably could have been recorded in 1978, but doesn't sound any the worse for that.

ST [via email]

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