Sunday 3 October 2004

Tonight - you sleep with the fishes

The Sopranos is one of those programmes that I missed, and by the time I thought it was worth watching, I didn't want to start, because I thought I would already have missed too much. To remedy this, C gave me a sampler DVD of the first 2 episodes about 2 years ago on my birthday. My DVD collection being what it is (i.e. full of DVDs I haven't made time to watch), it just sat there...until tonight.

I have just finished watching the pilot episode.

I think I am going to be watching more of this... there must be some boxsets I can buy to sit in my collection with the West Wing episodes I have missed and never got round to catching up on, right?

What is it about guys and their need to hoard stuff? I also collect piles of Wisdens - that's a 1000 page book of cricket statistics that barely changes from year to year, and yet I have 19 of them, plus 4 anthologies. And I barely read them - having them seems to be enough.

Go figure.

CDs are basically the same thing, although my Ipod has at least made this more accessible to me wherever I am.

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