Saturday 13 November 2004

Evil minds that plot destruction....

Arguments blow up in the stupidest ways.......

The scene: we've just got off the train from London, where we had attended a ball and done a spot of shopping. C. has just spotted a poster for the book "Toast".

C: Is that Nigel Slater, as in Nigel Slater?

Me: Yes.

C: Has he written a book?

Me: Yes, "Toast". It came out about a year ago and they serialised it in the Observer.

C: Really?

Me: Yes. The book has a picture of a very recognisable Nigel Slater aged about 8 sitting at the end of a dinner table. They published a few chapters each week, in Food Monthly I think. You read them.

C: No I didn't

Me: Yes you did.

C: I don't remember

Me: We talked about it!

C: Well, I didn't read them all then. Perhaps only one.

Me: I didn't read them all either, and I remember

C: Well, unlike some people I don't remember everything I read unless it seems important or interesting

Me: Well, it seemed important and interesting enough to you to mention you had seen a poster for it a minute ago....

etc. etc.

I'm sure you can picture the rest.

All brownie points accrued over the course of the weekend, out of the window in 2 minutes as a perfectly innocent conversation escalates into warfare. Why, why can I not learn to let things pass? Why do I always have to say what I'm thinking, whatever the cost?


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