Saturday 6 November 2004

Repeat after me....

okay - so there was something of a duplicate post thing going on here....apologies for any confusion. I guess that will teach me not to try and be clever and email a post in from work again. How was I to know that it would take a full 48 hours to be published onto the site? (although knowing the speed of their email system, I could probably have guessed) I sort of assumed it had been lost and I'd get back into work on monday to an email bounced message or something. I guess not.

Not wanting to lose the comments, I'm keeping this post. If you want to read about my non-dilemma about the cricket (like you said Mike - no choice really), you'll have to look at the post below, which is better cos of the santa picture. And why is it that anyone I mention this story to just asks me if I have spare tickets? Where's your sensitivity, damn you!?

I'm just back from Newquay actually... literally just in through the door. Would you believe that there isn't a casino or a lap-dancing club there? Perhaps it was for the best. What do you need to know? Well, it took 4 hours to get down there on Friday. The Hotel was great for £15 a night and had a bar and full-sized snooker table (as played on by Jimmy White, apparently). We drank huge amounts on Friday night, were very ill on Saturday morning... went Karting... went for a Mexican... went to Berties (ooooh - the mating rituals of the cornish.... funny... plus I was unaware of the techno version of "Poison" by Alice Cooper AND have you ever heard "No Limits" by 2Unlimited segued into "I wanna Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston?). Very, very funny weekend indeed to send the old boy off into married life. And home in Nottingham by 18:30pm, which is a result.

The Karting was brilliant though - the carts were capable of speeds of up to 70mph (I averaged 75kph - about 45mph apparently)... it was a huge track with a flyover/underpass... it's the first time I have been but I am DEFINITELY going again.

One downside of the trip was I got back to my car in Hinckley (where I had met up with Mik on Friday) and someone had gunked it in a line up the windscreen, over the roof and down the back - some sort of powdery, pasty substance - perhaps artificial snow or a fire extinguisher.. something like that. It was a bit resistant to coming off, but I got most of it, I think. Why on earth did someone want to do that? That's Hinckley for you.

I also found out the reason the stag do was in Newquay.... Mik has a friend Phil who lives down there who suggested it (not least because he has to do a lot of travelling to get to anything, and is coming up for the wedding). Fair enough. Unfortunately, he was working on Friday and only spent about 3 hours with us on Saturday, when he wasn't drinking as he was working on Sunday. Nice thought though, eh?

Anyway. I'm off for a swim.

toodle pip....

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