Thursday 23 December 2004

Tonight thank God it's them instead of you

Before we all disappear off on our Xmas breaks.... some food for thought:

UN Plan for Darfur “Not Working”

The world’s worst humanitarian crisis – 1.7m people have fled their homes and 70,000 dead since the start of the conflict

Horrific human rights violations in Darfur - Justice in a state of emergency

20,000 - 30,000 people living in squalor in refugee camps in West Darfur

Aid Effort nowhere near enough

Save the Children withdraw from the Sudan after the murder of 4 aid workers in 2 separate incidents

MSF worker killed and aid workers increasingly at risk in the Sudan

This is just one region in the world - the West Darfur region of the Sudan. I could easily have picked somewhere else.... Iraq perhaps?

We can help to make a difference.....



Buy a Goat

Fax your MP from your PC - let them know what you think (I've just faxed Ken Clarke)

Register with TimeBank and volunteer your time to help make a difference.

Help Make Poverty History in 2005

merry christmas!

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