Wednesday 9 February 2005

I've borrowed some tools to chisel you down...

It's a good site, and I've urged you to go and have a look at it already, but you really should make your way over to Stand By Your Statue.


Well. Because it's funny. Because you can easily join in. Because it's been recommended by people like Yahoo and Metafilter. Because the stats don't lie: Statue John has had more hits in a month than I have had in nearly a year!

All good reasons to go and have a look. The best reason of all though, is because it currently features me.

Did you need any other reason?


(and don't listen to those lies about my batting average either. All rubbish. He's not factoring in the not outs. And I was an opening bowler anyway, so what's the big deal?)

Anyway - if you want to learn how a "tiger" is really done, you should check this out...

Vain? Me? In those sandals?

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