Tuesday 29 March 2005

...busting makes me feel good

Lord Bargain and I are just sat here chewing the cud and listening to some tunes and have come up with the following conundrum....

What is the best film theme tune ever?

Before you come up with an answer, there are some rules:

1) The title of the song has to be the same as the name of the film (or very, very close)
2) The song has to appear over the opening or closing credits (or both)
3) The song has to have been written for the film - you can't have a film that is named after a song (like "My Girl" or "Can't Buy Me Love" or Pretty Woman)

The reason this came up is because we were listening to a little bit of Ray Parker Jr (as you do) and it got us thinking.....

Can you do better than that? Lord B reckons there's something out there that's better, but I reckon you'll struggle.... (and although it qualifies, don't be coming here and suggesting 'Footloose' either - I'll never get that bloody intro out of my head)

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