Friday 22 April 2005

if you could see it then you'd understand

and so to the results of the Tory Poster competition.

We have a tie at the top! Statue John's "I don't wanna vote for you, you're covered in bees" and Yoko's "daddy or chips?" have both received 4 votes apiece. They're both such fine efforts, that I don't really want to split them, and I can't be arsed with a tie-breaker anyway, so I hereby declare them both winners.

Thanks to everyone for your entries - they were excellent. If the winners could drop me a line, then we can sort out their prize --the honour of choosing the title for a post on this blog -- , which I will try to make sure gets posted up here in the next week.

A special word here for Des and his much lauded "spoons" effort (which, if my memory serves me correctly, is actually a tribute to a certain Patrick Lo and an incident that took place at school in about 1991). Nice work, my friend. Also nice work for responding to a question about your plans for the weekend with the following:

"am off home to hook up all my toys to the great big f*ck off screen. i have no curtains and cant move in this wk end yet, but as long as i can get to play mario who will be almost as big as me...i'm good"

(thanks to Statue John for sharing that little gem)

And so to this week's earworms.

Quite a lot of new release material in there this week:

10. 'Negotiate with Love' - Rachel Stevens
Because it struck me when I heard this on the radio the other day that you don't hear the word 'negotiate' used in songs very often, do you?

9. 'Til I die' - The Beach Boys
This is buried deep on "Surf's Up", but is one of the most gorgeous things they ever did. Brian Wilson is at Glastonbury this year, and I really, really want to see him.

8. 'Substitute' - The Who
Because it's genius, from the first chopping guitar riff to the last.

7. 'Oh What A World' - Rufus Wainwright
The fact that this is now in my head is probably a delayed reaction from seeing him live last week... Men reading fashion magazines?

6. 'The Street Where You Live' - Vic Damone
One of those songs that makes me want to sing whenever I hear it. Luckily, as I was at work when this popped on the other day, I was able to resist...

5. 'Where's Your Head At?' - The Basement Jaxx
catchy tune, but makes me have nightmares about monkeys for some reason....

4. 'Reel Around the Fountain' - The Smiths
The "hatful of hollow" version of this popped up out of the 5000 odd songs on my iPod when I was listening on shuffle the other day at work, which was nice.

3. 'Best of You' - Foo Fighters.
Dave Grohl now officially better than Kurt Cobain.

2. 'Blue Orchid' - The White Stripes
When a drummer and a guitarist can sound this good, it makes you wonder why anyone bothers having anyone else in their band. The White Stripes ROCK.

1. 'Speed of Sound' - Coldplay
It's a bit obvious, perhaps, but I loved it from the first listen. Apparently they chose this as a single as the best bridge between the old material and the new. I can't wait for the album, and I'm seeing them twice in the summer as well. Nice.


"Look into the eyes, the eyes. Not around the eyes, into the eyes"

I'm off to see Derren Brown in Birmingham tonight.... more tomorrow, I guess

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