Thursday 21 April 2005

nothing more to say, no more ace to play

Okay - you may remember that a few days ago I ran a little competition to see if we could create a more compelling election campaign poster than the Conservative Party.

You appear to have excelled yourselves.

Have a look at the entries below, and then I think we should have an open forum on which one is your favourite. The winner will then have the honour of naming a post on this website (in the house style, obviously - no purchase required, terms and conditions may apply, see website for details).

Entry#1 YokoSpungeon

Entry#2 Lord Bargain

Entry #3 Red One

Entry #4 Andy

Entry#5 Des

Entry#6 Lord Bargain

Entry#7 Statue John

Entry#8 Retro-Boy

Entry#9 SwissToni

Entry#10 Michael Howard

Let democracy decide who the winner will be...... will you be thinking what I'm thinking?

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