Wednesday 20 April 2005

this could be the very minute I'm aware I'm alive

Forget the Pope, let's talk about more serious matters:

I had my first 'Tim Tam Slam' yesterday.... oh my God.... my world has changed immeasurably for the better.

Let me explain.

The Tim Tam is Australia's favourite biscuit - they sell about 30 million packs per year - two for every Australian. I suppose you could say that it's sort of like a Penguin, only a bit smaller and a bit lighter... here's a comparative review from "A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down". They come in a variety of flavours, and they're delicious. I was introduced to them by an Australian colleague of mine, who insisted that I brought a whole load back for her when I was over there last January. Naturally I was curious enough to try them, and I was soon hooked. I pretty much left all of my belongings in Australia and filled my bag with Tim Tams. I have subsequently discovered that you can buy them in some places in the UK as well, most notably in Tesco.

I first read about the 'Tim Tam Slam' after Statue John & The Pollstar's Xmas party in the "nice cup of tea and a sit down" book. Here's how you do it:

1) Grab a cup of tea (or similar beverage)
2) Grab a Tim Tam
3) Nibble off opposite corners of the Tim Tam
4) dunk one end of the Tim Tam into your Tea, and suck through the other end
5) as soon as you feel tea coming through the biscuit and hitting your lips, quickly shovel the whole thing into your mouth before it disintegrates...
6) enjoy an explosion of deliciousness

It is.... amazing.

Thanks to John for telling me that Natalie Imbruglia demonstrated this on the Graham Norton show a couple of years ago, and that you can find pictures and the video clip here. She looks positively orgasmic when she's finished, and once you've tried it, you will too....

Who says nothing good ever came out of Australia? There's two good things in one video clip!

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