Tuesday 21 June 2005

and I just can't contain this feeling that remains.....


As promised / threatened, here are my Glastonbury earworms: The 15 songs that I am most looking forward to hearing performed over the course of the festival. I've not had a really good look at the schedule yet, so it's entirely possible that some of this lot clashes or would involve a long chase of about a mile across the site that I may just be physically unable to make..... I've also missed out load of good stuff appearing elsewhere on the bill.

Plus, of course, part of the joy of the festival is going with the flow and just stumbling across your festival highlight in somewhere like the circus tent. It's not a festival to flog yourself around the site trying to stick to your schedule.

Still, here they are:

15. Here Comes the Summer - The Undertones

One of my favourite festival memories is basking in the sun in front of the Pyramid Stage, pint in hand, listening to Jimmy Cliff. I have high hopes that this will provide a similar memory on Friday afternoon. The forecast is hopeful, and you can't get much more summery than this song, can you? (a small word here for those hairy hobbits, the Magic Numbers. They've failed to make the cut here, but they certainly know their way around a summery tune)

14. The Black Horse & the Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall

This one's in for Lord Bargain, who needs watching at all times whilst in Somerset to make sure he doesn't fall over and break his wrist again, like he did a couple of years ago (he didn't mention it? He was on his way back from watching Mystique, you know.....) Ok, so maybe it's not "Other Side of the World", but this is the one that grabs me. The first of a run of bands I'll be watching at the Other Stage on Saturday.

13. Unconditional - The Bravery

I'm quite curious to see this lot. The album's pretty good, but I'm always slightly suspicious of bands that are quite so perfect looking and arrive in the UK with a tidal wave of hype. Their feud with The Killers is clearly nonsense as well. This is a cracker though.

12. Mr Brightside - The Killers

I think the Bravery album is more consistent than "Hot Fuss", but this one has the better singles. This was apparently the first song that they wrote together, and in my opinion they've not done anything better since. They were apparently approached to replace Kylie on Sunday night on the main stage, but wisely turned it down. The second album will tell us once and for all if there is any substance to them, but in the meantime they're worth a look, I reckon.

11. Goodbye my Lover - James Blunt

Unleash your sensitive side....

10. My Doorbell - The White Stripes

I'm thinking about my doorbell. When ya gonna ring it? When ya gonna ring it?

Unmissable live. And that's just Jack White's new flamenco goth look.

9. Helicopter - Bloc Party

Because it's the most coruscating guitar lick I have heard all year.

8. Regret - New Order

I think there's every chance I'll be at the main stage to see this lot as they come on after Keane and just before Coldplay. Still, they are legends, aren't they? One of the greatest intros to a song ever, and when they play it, I'll be thinking about this man.

7. This Saturday Boy - Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg is a Glastonbury institution and will be playing the Leftfield tent as always on sunday night. The Leftfield is the most "right on" of the bars/venues, and is run by the trade unions (as far as I can tell). Throughout the festival they will be hosting various debates featuring luminaries like Tony Benn. I saw BB play there in 2003, and it was so hot that the tent was turning into some kind of oven. The bouncers were so concerned that they began passing back pints of water - a nice touch. They only stopped passing it back when nobody could take any more off them, because every single person in the crowd had a glass in both hands. It's that kind of a place. BB usually plays unaccompanied and with a blank set list, taking requests from the crowd. He always plays this one though, and because it normally features a trumpet solo, BB fills the gaps by pretending to be a trumpet. Legend.

6. God Only Knows - Brian Wilson

Beautiful song. I knocked back the chance to fork out £50 to see Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds a couple of years ago, and I've been regretting it ever since. I don't intend to pass up the chance this time (probably better value for money as part of this particular package though, eh?)

5. Evil - Interpol

My great discovery of last year. They look like the kind of band that only come out at night, so it will be interesting to see how they cope with daylight.

4. Rabbit - Chas n'Dave

Contrary to popular belief. It *is* the original Dave.

3. What If - Coldplay

Do I need to explain? (and frankly I think I've said enough about them already)

2. The Hounds of Love - The Futureheads

I was listening to the album in the car this morning, and it's fantastic, it really is. A new wave barbershop quartet with thick Sunderland accents. What's not to like? I have a feeling that this will be one of the sing-a-long moments of the festival. I'll certainly be singing along, anyway.

1. There She Goes - The Las

Well, I have to say I never thought I would get the chance to hear this at all. The great lost band of the 1990s with one of the greatest singles ever recorded. It will be a real privilege to see this performed. I'm also hoping that John Power's comedy drummer from Cast will have tagged along... never has playing the drums looked like such fun.


Well. That's probably your lot from me until Monday at the earliest.... and by then I could easily have left an important part of my brain, somewhere...somewhere... in a field in Somerset. Alright!

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