Monday 20 June 2005

I just found God where he always was...

I'm now officially very excited.

Only tomorrow to get through in the office and then I'm more or less home and hosed and heading down to the festival on Wednesday evening.


Glastonbury is just brilliant. This is my 5th time (1993, 2002-5), and the 25th festival in all. There is absolutely nothing like it. You could not see a single band and still have an absolutely fantastic time - I think lots of people do.

What's so great about it?

Apart from the hours spent trying to get a ticket, the music, the green fields, the hippies in their dodgy pixie hats, pitching your tent and going for a pint - only to go back later on in the dark and spend at least an hour looking for it, the teepees, the hari krishna tent and their free lentils, Dimbleburgers, Square Pies, the Mandela bar, women in white leotards performing ballet whilst attached to a hot air balloon being walked through the circus field, the stone circle, the organic wind-powered coffee shop (see you there on sunday morning for coffee & muffins), waking up at 6am with a pounding headache only to find that your tent has become an oven, Michael Eavis and his ropey chin-strap beard, the joys of a whore's bath, the wine bar that plays nothing but 80s classics at full volume, a minute of noise held in memory and honour of John Peel (who will be missed but never forgotten), the Glade - the only place in the world where the Ozric Tentacles will live forever, the miniature of sound - the world's smallest nightclub, Lost Vagueness, the queues to get off the site on Monday morning... and I suppose even the toilets.....

Apart from that, what has Glastonbury ever done for us?

It's a special place.

But as you can probably tell, I can take it or leave it......

Glastonbury earworms tomorrow.

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