Tuesday 10 January 2006

running through my head, running though my head

Alecya and Spins have now displayed theirs, so having been the one who laid down the challenge in the first place, it would be rude not to get mine out. I know I've been displaying rather a lot of myself around here lately, but a promise is a promise after all.

It's on my upper right arm (there's a wider shot of it here, and you can see it in situ here).

I had it done at a cool tattoo studio in Amsterdam when we were over there for Lord B's 30th Birthday a couple of years ago. C. knew it from when she was working over there, so once I'd decided to get one done, I waited until our next chance to go over and get it done. I knew roughly what I wanted to get done, but didn't have a specific design in mind. I flipped through their flash until I found this one, which I really liked. It didn't hurt much to get it done, and I had a good time chatting with the guys in there. It was an enormously positive experience, and I'd recommend it to anyone. I felt different from the moment the tattoo was complete. Not massively, but I definitely felt a little different, and I still do now.

I still haven't told my mum yet though. 31 years old and I hide it from my parents!

I'd have another one done too - a bear paw print - but I'm not sure where I'd have it done yet, and I'm not convinced I want it on the opposite arm. There's no rush though, and if I decide, I'll get it done the next time I'm in Amsterdam.

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