Tuesday 21 February 2006

where strangers take you by the hand....

OK. Firstly, only two people have so far had a go at the fridge game.... with such amazing prizes on offer, what's holding you back?

Secondly, the owner of our last blog of the week - Wandering Scribe - has asked me to pass on her thanks to you all:

"BTW few days ago went onto your blog cos you said you were pulling me out as blog of week. Saw it and read comments. actually cried, felt so lovely to get such support and positive feedback. Could you put a message in to let those guys know was really appreciated."

So there you go. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

And on to today's business.....

Blog of the Week #7 – A rest is as good as a change

"A sabbatical"

You get a chance to get onto this one almost from the very beginning... there have only been six posts so far, although there are already some cracking photos, and hopefully there's a whole lot more to come over the next few months.

You remember Rufus-Fan? She's a colleague of mine who discovered this blog at some point in May last year, and has been a welcome visitor around these parts ever since. She's been threatening to get her own blog up and running for some time now, partly to document the sabbatical that she's taking from work for the next ten months or so, but also (I like to think) partly because I told her that she couldn't be an Earworm Guest Editor until she started one.

Well, she's finally gone and done it, and I can reveal that from now on, Rufus-Fan will be known around here as Sarah....

So far she's been on safari in Tanzania, on the beach in Zanzibar, and....er.... on the toilet in Guatemala.

I look forward to sitting at my desk in the office in cold, grey, dreary Nottingham and reading more about your adventures in some of the more beautiful spots in the world.....

Lucky cow.

Well, except for that part about Montezuma's revenge anyway....

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