Thursday 2 March 2006

Ooh that dress so scandalous

I saw a man in a thong at the gym today. Now that's just wrong.

Not the wearing of a thong per-se - I can see how there might be a time and a place for that. Hell, what guy hasn't worried about a visible panty line from time to time?

No, it's more the fact that this guy was wearing it at the gym that threw me.

Why would you do that? Perhaps he was off on a hot date straight after his workout? Perhaps it was the only clean underwear he had left in the cupboard? Maybe he just likes wearing a thong? What does it matter? The fact remains that he was wearing a (red) thong at the gym.


I shouldn't care - there are fat, hairy naked guys in there all the time - but this guy chose the exact moment that I walked past to bend over and rummage around in his locker, and I was treated to a view that will haunt me forever.


Mark won, by the way. Bargs has actually seen 3 of the 6 fridges he guessed correctly in real life... and the bottle in Mark's made his a bit of a gimme, so I am going to ignore the fact that Bargs was nearest the bull in the tie-break (Owen Meany - 636 pages and much travelled), and unilaterally declare Mark to be the champion. Sorry LB, but that's just the way it's got to be.

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