Friday 10 March 2006

what a way to make a living

I just spent my whole evening on my laptop working.

What's that all about?

I don't mind leaving the office late - I'm usually there until about 7pm every night - but I absolutely loathe taking work home. They have enough of my life already without me spending my spare time working too. Besides, even though I work around 50 hours a week, I only actually get paid for 37 of them.

Man, I'm stupid.

I hate having early nights too (which is part of the reason I'm sat here at a little after midnight writing this). C. works late too, and by the time I've taken some exercise, most nights it's gone 9pm before we have our dinner, and often it's nearly 10pm by the time we have finished. I always feel like if I have an early night, I will have absolutely no time to myself to unwind.

So I sit up. C. goes to bed, but I stay up a while longer. The result? I get more and more tired, and then spend most of the weekend asleep.

But today I got home and I had to work. I had to spend all evening in front of my laptop working when I was really hoping that I'd be able to spend all evening on my laptop surfing the internet and stuff.

I'm quite the catch, huh?

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