Monday 3 April 2006

moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake...

Do you guys remember WanderingScribe? She was Blog of the Week here a little while ago: she's the homeless girl who lives in a car parked in a wood somewhere near London.

I started reading her blog in February, and although I know she is only one homeless person amongst the thousands in this country, I found that she occupied my thoughts and that she personalised the issue for me: as the weather turned cold and I was wrapping myself up warm inside my cosy house, I sometimes thought of her shivering in her sleeping bag trying to get comfortable in her car. As the clocks went forwards and the daffodils came out, I found myself thinking of her again, and hoping that things were looking up.

It turns out that she's been getting some attention from a fairly unlikely source.

The New York Times has just run a feature on the homeless ('Invisible Lives'), and on their website you can listen to an interview with WanderingScribe herself. If you read her blog regularly, you will already know about the incredible dignity WS shows every day as she struggles to maintain both her self-respect and her sanity. Well, now you can listen to her talking about the same things.

Click here to listen to the interview.

I find her blog quite an emotional read at the best of times, but now that I know what her voice sounds like, it's somehow become all the more personal.

Needless to say, a number of Americans have been popping around and offering both their goodwill and their advice - some useful and supportive, some less so....but don't let that put you off from going and having another look and offering her your moral support.


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