Wednesday 31 May 2006

I'd take enough to please me....

Yoko's been running a CD shuffle-athon. You put your name into a hat, make a CD featuring twelve of your favourite tracks, and post it off to the name that comes out of the hat.

I made this CD:

1. Don't Panic - Coldplay
2. Snow ((Hey Oh)) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. No Surprises - Radiohead
4. Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle & Sebastian
5. Yes - McAlmont & Butler
6. Jolene - Dolly Parton
7. Such A Small Love - Scott Walker
8. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
9. Sweet Jane - Velvet Underground
10. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths
11. Chocolate - Snow Patrol
12. One - Johnny Cash

A bit predictable perhaps, and it turned out a little more downbeat than I was expecting, but I'm still relatively pleased with it as a snippet into my musical life. I shipped it out to Shadie in Illinois (I think it was a qualified success) and waited for my CD to arrive.

FizzyBeverage sent me a CD from California, and as I'm supposed to type up my thoughts.....

"Whatever I feel like" from Napoleon Dynamite

1. Tiger - Paula Cole

I'm not familiar with Paula Cole, but I quite like this one. Slightly mannered, but not too showy - which is a good thing. Sounds a little bit like Tori Amos crossed with Alanis Morrissette.

2. Mississippi - Paula Cole at Lilith Fair

Same kind of thing as above, only a live recording. Not entirely my cup of tea, but perhaps worth a closer look.

3. No Leaf Clover - Metallica

I stopped listening to Metallica after the Black album. It wasn't really anything they did, it was just that I've never got round to listening to any of their newer stuff. I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything to do with that awful traffic jam I got caught in after seeing them at the Milton Keynes Bowl.... pretty sure. Actually, this one's a live recording too. I've no idea what era it is, but it's fairly typically Metallica: melodic bits and then loud thumping guitar / drums.

4. Demonoid Phenomenon - Rob Zombie

Oh. This one's too shouty for me. I like heavy metal generally, but I'm not into the industrial end really. Vaguely like Megadeth crossed with Marilyn Manson.

5. Not an Addict - K's Choice

The intro to this really rumbles, and when the female vocal comes in it really took me by surprise. Again - quite heavy, but nicely offset by the vocals.

6. Ripple - Perry Farrell

"Ritual De Lo Habitual" is a great album, and this is unmistakeably by the same guy. Unfortunately though this song really, really reminds me a song from "Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat" though.... "Any Dream Will Do" I think it's called:

I close my eyes, draw back the curtain...

No. It really does.

7. Two Step - Dave Matthews Band

I've heard of this guy. Big in America, right?

I don't really get it. He sings with a bit of a folky twang in his voice, and with a slightly folky backing underpinned by some insistent drumming. Pleasant enough, but I still don't get it.

8. Son of a Preacher Man - Joan Osbourne

Oh this is terrible. I'm a huge Dusty fan and this is one (live) cover that really didn't need to happen. I think the worst bit is when she starts to freestyle towards the end....

9. Remedy - Black Crowes

This record I love. This was on the first album that I ever played in my halls of residence when I first arrived at University, so it has good connotations for me.

10. Old Dirt Hill - Dave Matthews

Similar to the other Dave Matthews record above. I like this one more though. It's naggingly catchy and it's growing on me

11. We Care a Lot - Faith No More

I used to love Faith No More. Around "The Real Thing" and "Angel Dust" they were one of the best bands around. "From Out Of Nowhere" was the song we used to use to psyche ourselves up before our GCSE exams. This song was from their earlier (pre-Mike Patton) incarnation. Rap/Rock fusion eh? Can't beat it! It's not quite Rage Against the Machine, but it is a minor-classic.

12. Grace Is Gone - Dave Matthews Band

Clearly a fan, eh? The beginning of this really reminds me of the music on "Firefly". Quite country, but that's no bad thing.

"Chapstick" from Napoleon Dynamite

So there you go. Thanks to FizzyBeverage for sending me the CD. It's actually really hard to put together a CD blind like that and send it out to someone you don't know at all - so I hope I don't sound too harsh. What else can I add except to say that I like this one well enough to have listened to it through three or four times now. I've bought CDs I've listened to less than that!

Maybe we should do one of these things over here sometime? Who'd be up for that?

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