Tuesday 30 May 2006

you got the money, I got the soul....

Blog of the Week #19 - Never Trust a Hippy

"Blogging about Nottingham Forest, local democracy, internecine bickering on the left while mentioning bits about my work as well. Not in that order."

Politics. Music. Sport. Sounds good to me. I first stumbled across this blog as a result of Paulie's thoughtful post on Nottingham's recent unveiling as the crime capital of the UK. Further browsing revealed posts on Eurovision mixing freely with posts about John Stuart Mill.

If you needed any more reasons for going and having a look, then perhaps I should add that I'm reminded (just a touch) of our very own Urban Fox and (the much missed) Red One, with a bit more Nottingham Forest thrown in for good measure. Well, for measure anyway...

From his profile I can also see that Paulie also likes "co-operatives, cooperatives, co-ops". Me too! They often have unexpectedly large and varied wine selections. There are so many to choose from, but if I absolutely had to choose my favourite, I think it would be the main West Bridgford branch. Not only do they have a post office counter that conveniently opens at 8am, but they also have an oddly good in-house PA (at last time of checking, it was Marvin Gaye and the new Flaming Lips album). It's always good to meet a Co-Op fan.

At least, I assume it was the well-known chain of convenience stores he was referring to.... and not to an enterprise or organization that is owned or managed jointly by those who use its facilities or services.... which now I come to think of it would be more in keeping with some of the other interests he lists..... politics, democracy, social movements*


Blog of the Week.

* read Paulie's comments on the Co-Op retail chain here. He's not a fan.

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