Tuesday 16 May 2006

she may be the song that summer sings....

Blog of the Week #17 - (Shout Out #1) .... Wonder(ing) Goddess

Ok. Something a bit different this week. Normally I scour the internet looking for sites that might be of some kind of passing interest. This was originally based on the theory in January that I should "Get out more". The internet is a big place, I reasoned. Much though I loved all the sites in my list of regular reads, I felt that there must be some *amazing* blogs out there just waiting to be discovered. I decided that I needed to start looking for them.

And that's more or less what I have done every Tuesday since then. It's hard work and good blogs are harder to find than you might think. The ones that I have picked here have been a mixed bag in the main.... but I'm more or less still reading all of them, so I think that the whole thing has been more than worthwhile, and I'll continue with more of the same on Tuesdays to come.

As I was thinking of various blogs that might feature this week, I suddenly realised that it would only be right to send some love out to some blogs a bit closer to home. So I came up with the idea of a "Shout Out": from time to time I'm going to name one of my old favourites as blog of the week. You'll probably know it already, but if you don't (or if you haven't been over there for a while).... here's your chance to get over there and show some love! All the people featured in these "shout outs" will be bona fide friends of this blog...... perhaps not people that I have actually met, but people I care about none the less.


Right. First up this week is Jenni. I first met Jenni (and Leah!) when Lord B asked me to help him out in an argument with some stroppy american about some form of politics or other. I obediently went over to The Democratic Goddesses of America... and promptly sided with the stroppy American, who turned out not to be in the least bit stroppy. Lord B was a little annoyed with me at the time for some reason, but I think he's got over it.....

The 18 months since then have been something of a rollercoaster for Jenni ..... but throughout it all she's remained (or at least appeared to remain) amazingly calm and sweet natured amidst the whirling maelstrom of family, exams, appartments and boyfriends (not to mention boyfriend's family, religion and other assorted baggage....).

Sometimes fearing the worst, but always looking for the best in people.

I don't know about you. I reckon the USA is going to need more lawyers (and perhaps politicians?) like her. She's a smart cookie.

So. Sorry if this all sounds a bit sentimental, but Jenni - I salute you.

Blog of the Week. Send her some love.

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