Wednesday 28 June 2006

but don't forget the songs that made you cry, and the songs that saved your life...

Shuffleathon update:

Ok - first and foremost, we have our first review! Go check out what Tina makes of Adem's CD here. It looks like it went pretty well to me (although I have to confess that I think "Welcome to the Jungle" is a stone cold classic, but it's Tina's opinion that matters most here).

Reviews are good. I'm really curious to know what was on everyone's CDs and also to know what the recipient makes of it all. Be sure to let me know when you've done yours, and I'll add a link onto the table.

I think this table is going to rule my blog for the next week or so. I've started so I'll finish. I'm afraid it's going to keep on appearing here until we're all done and all of the reviews are in.

Oh look! Here it is again now:

[oh no - moved again...]

I've also now received both of the CDs that I'm going to forward on to their final recipients. I should get them out into the post tomorrow.

This is a pretty labour intensive process, y'know? (but so worth it!)


Oh - and for the record, I tend to wear a smart shirt (open collared, and sometimes with cufflinks) and smart black trousers (but not suit trousers) to work.

I am a chino free zone.

Just so we're clear.

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