Tuesday 27 June 2006

coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man....

About a week ago, a new guy started work in my office. He's one of the many support guys who have been flown over from Bangalore, but it isn't his nationality that marks him out..... oh no. What marks this guy out from the crowd is his insistence on wearing a natty camouflage baseball cap at all times.

Yes, indoors too.

For some strange reason, this really niggled with me. Who the hell was this guy? Why the hell did he think it was okay to wear this hat? I would go into work every day and see this poor chap sat a few rows in front of me wearing this damn hat, and all I could think about was to wonder what on earth he was thinking.

...... and then today I found out that the Director of IT had also been making enquiries about the man in the hat. According to Claire (the girl with the all over tan), the big cheese had asked her to find out who managed this guy and to suggest that he stop wearing this hat in the office. Over the course of the afternoon, Claire made a few enquiries and by the end of the day, the hat was gone.

Reasonable enough, you might be thinking.


No. No. No.

The thing is that the company I work at does not have a formal dress code. About 5 or 6 years ago, the "business dress" policy was revoked in favour of a "smart casual" dress code. Apart from sending shares in GAP rising, the net result of this was that people stopped wearing suits and ties, and started to wear chinos and open collared shirts.

This policy has not been formally revoked... and yet gradually people have started to wear ties again. What's happened? The management has "let it be known" that they want people to be smarter. They have "let it be known", but they haven't made a formal announcement.

The Director of IT has "let it be known" that he doesn't want this man wearing his baseball cap in the office, and the baseball cap has gone.

I think this is bollocks. If you want people to wear suits and ties in the office, then have the damn courage to make an announcement saying so. Don't carry out some sort of peer pressure campaign to make people conform. Don't pretend that people have a choice about what to wear when they don't have a choice.

I miss that baseball cap already.


Shuffleathon update

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