Tuesday 13 June 2006

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Blog of the Week #21 - Finals Fantasy - the 2006 World Cup Blog

I make no apology for picking another football blog for this slot. In case you hadn't noticed, there is some kind of jamboree going on in Germany at the moment. I seem to have spent at least 3 hours every day since last Friday watching football, so it's hardly surprising that it's on my mind at the moment. At least this blog has nothing to do with me (unlike CUAS, which I sporadically contribute to).

This one is another collaborative effort with a number of different authors (including Ben). The basic format is to report on every game (and its coverage) and offer some sage thoughts on what we've learnt.

It's simple, but it is entertainingly written and well worth reading. Go check it out.

Blog of the Week.

Also worth a look is World Cup In One City (which I discovered via Finals Fantasy):

"Mark Poole was looking forward to World Cup 2006 but when Scotland crashed out of qualification yet again, he was left with no-one to support. Then it hit him: why not support everyone? He’d joined the Tartan Army in a London pub that turned into a passionate bit of Scotland every matchday: surely there was a good chance that all 32 World Cup teams had similar London venues? Some would be easy, others more difficult, so he began the search for London’s Angolans, Ukrainians, Koreans…"

Brilliant idea.

Bored of football entirely (or never interested in the first place)? Then go and have a look at a girl with a [dot] com. I like her.

Something for everyone here, you see.

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