Monday 12 June 2006

hot town, summer in the city....

Having laughed at the British habit of talking about the weather at every opportunity.... I'm going to talk about the weather.

It was pretty hot when I woke up this morning. We'd had some thundery showers overnight, but they had failed to break the humidity. This being England, we've still got the full duvet on the bed, so I was quite pleased to get up and have a shower to cool off and get ready for work. I got into the office early today as I had a massive pile of things that I needed to do, and a diary full of workshops and meetings that were going to prevent me actually getting anything done. I walked into the building and made my way to my desk. By the time I got there, sweat was beading on my forehead - it was scorchingly hot. I think they must have tried to save a few quid over the weekend by turning off the air-conditioning over the weekend, only switching it back on first thing on Monday morning.

Mmmmm. Nice.

Anyway. I carried on with my day, managing to find the time to slip out of the office at lunchtime for a run. This can be something of a tricky business: running obviously makes your core body temperature rise. I have discovered that if I don't take enough time after I get back to cool off in a cold shower, then I will get dressed back into my work clothes and find myself sweating furiously as my body desperately attempts to cool down. Not a good look if you have to hurry off to a meeting and you are wearing a dark blue shirt.... and obviously things are just that little bit worse if you go running on a hot day.

....and it was hot today. I was actually delighted when it started to pour with rain when I was running because it made the temperature drop by a few degrees. Apparently not by enough though. I had a long cold shower, but the ambient temperature in the office meant that it must have taken me about three hours to start to cool down properly. Things just got worse at about 5pm when the air conditioning in the office appeared to shut down completely. By the time I left work at about 8pm, I was gasping for a nice cold beer and a shower.

Being in the office for 12 hours is rubbish enough at the best of times - surely it's not too much to hope that they might make the working environment as pleasant as possible?

Oh. Perhaps it is.

Work? Proper bobbins (especially during a World Cup).

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