Sunday 11 June 2006

and when the music starts I never wanna stop...

This CD shuffleathon looks as though it might be a go-er. After I mentioned this the other day, there seem to be a few people who want to take part.

Here's how it would work:

1) Anyone who wants to take part submits their name to me
2) Every participant creates a 12 track CD by a certain date (date to be decided)
3) I draw the names out of a hat and pair them off
4) Each participant sends out their CD to the person they have been paired with
5) Everyone writes a review of the CD they receive

It's pretty simple really, and it seemed to work really well over at Yoko's place. It's actually quite hard to make a CD when you don't know who is going to be receiving it. I think I might tweak the rules so that you can wait until you know who you have drawn before choosing your tracklisting. What do you think?

Anyway. Participants so far:

1) Sarah
2) Mandy
3) Yoko
4) Alan
5) Charlie
6) Ka
7) spins
8) bedshaped
9) bytheseashore
10) Mike
11) Alecya
12) Pynchon
13) Ben
14) Flash
15) Michael

Anyone else fancy joining in?


My thoughts on the World Cup so far? I think that England would struggle to beat every team that I have seen playing to date (so - Germany, Costa Rica, Equador, Poland, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Holland, Serbia-Montenegro, Iran and Mexico). I'm not saying that they would lose to all of those teams, just that they currently look as though they would make getting any kind of a result against any of them hard work.

There's a long way to go yet, and we haven't seen Brazil yet... but Argentina have looked comfortably the most impressive thus far.

It also tickled me to see the English players and management blaming the heat for their poor performance in the game against Paraguay.... played out in temperatures that were no higher than if they had been playing the game in the UK. Would they have dared use that as an excuse if the game had been played in Manchester?

There's time yet, and Sweden's failure to get more than a point means that qualification should be a cinch.... but there's room for a lot of improvement before we can be really numbered against the serious contenders, right?

Or are you just bored of football talk?

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