Friday 9 June 2006

singin' seems to help a troubled soul....

Earworms of the Week

10. "Three Lions" - Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds

I'm not an especially big fan of this song, but I have found myself singing it at my desk, and it **is** very evocative of the brilliant summer of 1996. I swear I just heard a stadium full of German fans singing this before the kick off of their game with Costa Rica this evening as well. I suppose they're focusing on the "Football's Coming Home" bit and less on the celebration of the result of the 1966 World Cup Final.

9. "Hey Ya" - Outkast

I heard this on the radio the other day, and it immediately got me tapping my foot and shaking it like a polaroid picture. Great song for summer.

8. "Upside Down" - Jack Johnson

I find Jack Johnson totally insipid.... but I did catch myself singing this in the office this afternoon, so fair dos.

7. "Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand

Another one I caught on the radio. Unlike Jack Johnson, this is a song I was pleased to be humming at my desk.

6. "Dakota" - Stereophonics

This is still hanging around on my iTunes "most played" playlist, and it duly popped up when I was listening in the kitchen on Sunday before heading out to the cricket. I'm not really a fan of the Stereophonics (lazy pub rock nonsense), but there is something brilliant about this song. That desert-dry riff makes it another good song to listen to on a sunny day.

5. "Everlong" - The Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl seems to pop up on these lists a lot, doesn't he? What can I say about this? TUNE.

4. "Fill My Little World" - The Feeling

Deeply, deeply M.O.R. and frighteningly reminiscent of REO Speedwagon.... but pleasant enough, and very much parked in my head.

3. "Back to the Sea" - The Futureheads

I'm not yet totally convinced by the new album (what are a bunch of lads from Sunderland doing singing about the 1958 Munich air disaster?) but I do like this song. I like the air of ambiguity - who won't go back to the sea? why not?

2. "Sheila" - Jamie T

Zane Lowe has been playing this one loads... it sounds a bit like a slightly chavvier version of The Streets - if you can imagine such a thing. I don't really know at what point I started liking stuff like this, but I really do. GCSE music projects? I love'em.

1. "Daddy Sang Bass" - Johnny Cash

Ah. Johnny Cash. This is one of the first Cash songs that I really loved. It's a bit silly, but it's a guilty pleasure that I have kept coming back to now for nearly 15 years....


Enjoy your weekends y'all.

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