Thursday 22 June 2006

I just can’t get you out of my head...

The Guardian (a little belatedly) discovers the concept of the Earworm.**

You're going to hate me for this, but here's their top 10:

1. Kylie Minogue, Can't Get You Out of My Head
2. James Blunt, You're Beautiful
3. Baha Men, Who Let the Dogs Out
4. Mission Impossible theme
5. Village People, YMCA
6. Happy Days theme
7. Corinne Bailey Rae, Put Your Records On
8. Suzanne Vega, Tom's Diner
9. Tight Fit, The Lion Sleeps Tonight
10. Tiffany, I Think We're Alone Now

I'm not sure I agree, but apologies for planting the Baha Men in your head for the rest of the day....

** thanks to Yoko for the link!

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