Wednesday 19 July 2006

one dance left....

Hello. I've been busy down at the local pub quiz. We didn't win (pah! it was De Niro who won the Oscar for 'The Godfather Part II' and not Al Pacino...) but I did get to take part in a very entertaining round of "Deal or No Deal" (if you have no idea what this is, you might be well served by having a look here before reading on...). I didn't get to sit in the chair, but I did get to be a box-holder. The prizes ranged from a beer mat through to £150. My box had £10 in it, but the brave chap in the hot seat managed to hang on until it was a 50:50 chance between a glass of Pepsi and £60. He was offered a swap, but hung onto his original box and was rewarded with the £60. Great entertainment.


It's probably about time we had a shuffleathon update, isn't it?

Shuffleathon Update

[big table lifted and shifted]

A few more reviews in, but still a few left to be done. Pull your fingers out, eh?

Some poor buggers (including me) have yet to receive our CDs. I reckon we stay patient for another week, and if they still haven't arrived when I get back from Italy, we'll look into doing some resends. Sound reasonable?

Right. That'll do.

As you were.

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