Wednesday 9 August 2006

like a drifter I was born to walk alone....

I went into town this evening to watch Superman Returns. To get from the car park to the cinema, I have to walk past Rock City. I saw from the sizeable queue that there must have been a band on, and I quickly gathered from the haircuts and t-shirts that it was none other than Whitesnake.


Back in the slightly misguided heavy metal years of my youth, I used to own a couple of albums by Whitesnake. For reasons that are now lost, they were pretty famous at one point, and had hits with songs like 'Here I Go Again'. If my memory serves me correctly, Steve Vai was their guitarist for a bit, and he was so good that he needed a 7th string on his guitar! David Coverdale, meanwhile, was so rock and roll that he not only had enormous poodle hair, but was also married to a porn star by the name of Tawney Kitaen (that's her real name, right?)

When I walked back to the car from the cinema, the gig was over, but I was delighted to see that there was a crowd of groupies waiting by the tour bus for the great man to leave the venue.

I'm amused to report that Whitesnake groupies now are probably exactly the same as Whitesnake groupies back in the day..... and when I say 'exactly the same' I mean that they are exactly the same people. I have never seen so many 45-50 year old women squeezed into such ill-fitting and ill-advised clothes in my life. I have seen enough wrinkly cleavage this evening to last me a lifetime. Ooooh, that David Coverdale is a lucky man.

Oh. And apparently he named the band after his pet name for his own penis....

Fancy that.


  1. Whitesnake were a fairly terrible band but I too had a couple of their albums during my misguided youth.

    I actually saw them live when Steve Vai was with them, the Liquor & Poker tour I blieve. He was one of the most soulless and uninteresting guitarists I've ever had the displeasure of seeing.

  2. Okay, so I have to admit to not understanding having a "pet name" for a body part. I know that men are very fond of their penises...for the same reason that I am very fond of my clit, but I don't have a special name for it. Could someone enlighten me?

  3. @ spinsterwitch

    >Could someone enlighten me?

    Oh, sure - yours is called Cheryl.

    (I know - that isn't what you meant...) :)

  4. Actually, the more I think about it, the more the fact that he identified his penis with a pallid snake disturbs me.


    Great to see they are still strutting their wrinkly stuff though, and why not.

  5. Ha ha ha. Named after the lethal coiled cobra in his spandex pants. What a ninny.

  6. Spinsterwitch - There is a point in every young man's life, where one of his friends thinks its cool to name his penis. All the other boys either follow suit, or become outcasts.

    Mr. Coverdale was probably blessed with something... wormlike so he had to make up something to sound like he could compete with the likes of the mighty Sir Tom Jones.

    As for me, I was a sarcastic, goofy kid, as I am as an adult... so I just went with Mr. Happy.