Tuesday 1 August 2006

So hurry up and bring your jukebox money....

Shuffleathon update

right then, let's see how we're doing shall we?

[table gone!]

So. Here's where we stand:

There seems to be some problem with the Nottingham -> Wisconsin and Wisconsin -> Nottingham postal service as both Jenni and I have yet to receive our CDs (and yes, we drew each other).

I suggest a resend.

The only other person not yet to receive a CD is Stef..... and by deduction, you can probably work out that the man you need to hassle for that is Graham. Apparently he already owes you a CD, so you therefore need to chase him for two CDs! The last I heard, he was umming and ahhing about what tracks to include. Come on Graham.... pull your finger out mate!

We're still short of a few reviews too: Adem, Leah, Monogodo.... come on, come on - Let's be having you!

Um. And that's about it.

One final push and we can put this damn thing to bed, eh?


  1. Don't push Monogodo too hard for a review - it took me long enough to send my CD in the first place!

    My choices might have disproved the saying 'better late than never.'

  2. My mail from last Friday through this week is being held at the post office due to a vacation. Before you send a new one, let me check that post on Monday. I'll get you a new one. Silly Wisconsin post offices.

  3. I've got a big stick and have started poking Graham with it. I'll sharpen the stick a little more each day :-)

  4. I'm planning on giving it another listen this week and write up a review at that time.

  5. can i join in Stef? Graham is a notorious procrastinator about things : he once sold something to someone and had to asked them to rewrite the cheque because he didn't pay the cheque for 6 months! WTF?

  6. Is Adem alive? He hasn't updated his blog for awhile...

  7. Apparently Graham's CD went in the post last monday so it looks like we have another MIA CD.

    He's going to burn another one and see if that makes it over.

  8. I am alive!!! I've also done the review.

    Can I go back to sleep now?