Friday 25 August 2006

Upon this my dreams are depending through the dark

Earworms of the week

10. ‘Blue Orchid’ – The White Stripes

The depressing sight of a ‘page unavailable’ error all over the ticket website let me to believe that I had probably missed my chance to see the Raconteurs playing at Rock City in October. As luck would have it though, I was walking past the venue the very next day and they had some left.

Excellent, and yet more evidence that the people who run those websites are total knobheads. The chance to see Jack White letting rip in a (relatively) small venue is not to be missed, and the Jundland wastes are not to be travelled lightly.

Oh. Apparently we’ve done Star Wars already.

9. ‘Sound & Vision’ – David Bowie

I read something once about how this song was interesting because it was in 3/3 time and not 4/4 like the vast majority of all popular music.

I don’t know about that, but I do like kittens.

8. ‘Dry Your Eyes’ – The Streets

This is an old Earworm faithful and crops up every time this pops up on shuffle on my iPod. For reference, I was listening to the version featuring Chris Martin on vocals, but I don’t think it much matters.

Plenty more fish in the sea. Good advice if you’re not fussed if you have cod, haddock or gooba fish.

7.‘Fake Plastic Trees’ – Radiohead

Apparently they didn’t play this at V last weekend. Shame. Good song (and of course, hearing someone say how they hadn’t played it immediately made it begin to play in my head).

6. ‘Closing Time’ – Semisonic

I’m sure this was used on something.

5. ‘One of us’ – Abba

I fucking hate Abba.

No. Let me rephrase that. I don’t hate Abba, I hate what Abba represent. I hate the way that a certain type of person always reacts when Abba is played. It reminds me all those awful fucking discos at university, and is a damn good reason never to set foot in a Reflex 80s bar, where I imagine those same people react in exactly the same way, only they’re slightly fatter and balder and unhappier.

Having said that, I do quite like ‘Waterloo’.

Why’s this song in my head? Dunno. I didn’t even know that this was by them until I looked it up, and by then it was too late – I’d already been singing it out loud in the office.

4. ‘Being Around’ – The Lemonheads

If I was in the fridge, would you open the door?
If I was the grass, would you mow your lawn?
If I was your body, would you still wear clothes?
If I was a booger, would you blow your nose?

What’s not to like?

3. ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’ – Scissor Sisters

Do you think the laser ‘pow pow’ noises are too much? Nah, this is kitchen sink disco. It’s got the lot, and that “no sir, no dancing today” lyric is just genius.

2. ‘Oh L’Amour’ – Erasure

Another song I had to look up to discover the full horror of what I was singing. Out loud. In public.

1. ‘Hunting High & Low’ – A-Ha / Coldplay

Initially this was in my head as a result of listening to the Coldplay cover version on my iPod, but it was the A-Ha version I kept finding myself coming back too. Oooh, I do like a nice slice of icy Scandinavian melancholy of a Friday night.


Timberlake might be bringing sexy back, but I’m thinking of resurrecting the Guest Editor slot. You know, the one where one of you lot gets to choose the Earworms of the Week (and the post header and everything!). I’m going to open it back up for anyone to have a go, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a go before because you can have another go. Starting next week.

What do you say? Who’s in?


  1. Does that mean that I get to go twice? Y'know - my original unused* go and my second chance go?

    *before you mention it - I know it was lazyitis on my part.

  2. It could have been worse. You could have been listening to Dollar covering Erasure. I would be up for guest editing earworms, but I only listen to music when everyone else is out of the office.

  3. I'm always up to confuse everyone with my current ear worminess.

  4. Currently listening to...Kind of Blue, Miles Davis - I'd love to do that..

    Are all the shuffleathons in yet???
    Seems like about a million years ago.....

  5. I'll give it another shot if you like. Don't want to hog the limelight though if there are first timers knocking around.
    By the way, I saw The White Stripes and Liverpool Royal Court (drove all the way from Bristol!) and Jack is a fucking legend!

  6. 'Waterloo' was in my head today as well!

  7. Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

    " a damn good reason never to set foot in a Reflex 80s bar, where I imagine those same people react in exactly the same way, only they’re slightly fatter and balder and unhappier."

    Leaping to the defence of the Reflex 80s bar, if I may. (i) not much of Abba's stuff was actually in the 80s, and (ii) I can't say I have ever heard Abba in the Reflex.

    Have you ever been to a Reflex? No. It is not full of middle aged "fat, bald" people, it is full of young(ish) types after a good time wanting to hear some (occasionally cheesy) 80s tunes.

    So don't start this blanket "everyone who goes to an 80s bar is a tosser" nonsense, because that is palpably not true.

    If you don't want to hear Bros or Duran Duran, then don't go. But there are plenty of us after a good dance and a few drinks who do, and would rather listen to Brother Beyond in a club any night of the week than the bloody White Stripes.

    On that note, both the Scissor Sisters and Erasure records are a stroke of disco genius.

    bloody music snobs....

  8. I'm not being snobby about the music, I'm being snobby about the people. You're the one being the music snob.


  9. What's wrong with Dollar?!

    Now I'm aching for you...

    Sampled by Orbital, dontchaknow. So it must be alright...

  10. Abba are genius.

    That is all.

    (Oh, and I'd be keen to do another Earworm piece.)

  11. I like those Lemonheads lyrics :)

  12. The day before you came. Windswept scandinavian genius. End of. Rather like Hunting high and low in fact.

    And correct me if I am wrong but I think Erasure covered Dollar and not the other way round. Not keen on the song either way, although it does get in your head.

  13. I love that Lemon Heads track. Not as good as My Drug Buddy, but genius all the same.


  14. Given my recent blog absence I know I'm begging for it to ask, but if you'll email me a week or so in advance, count me in for another go round. :)


  15. I beg to differ. Radiohead did indeed play Fake Plastic Trees, although only at Staffs.
    It was a typically blinding version and Thom's vocals were spot on.