Monday 4 September 2006

but they'll never kill the thrills we've got....

Look, I know it's tempting to say that the guy just rolled the dice one too many times, but how about we resist eh? Yes, he was a bit of a clown, but behind that "fair dinkum" image was a guy who clearly loved all those animals and cared passionately about their conservation.

It's just too easy to put this down to Darwinism in action, too easy to say that he should have known better and that he should have been thinking of his family instead of dicking about with wild and potentially dangerous animals.

How about showing a bit of fucking compassion?

Look, I know this undermines my point - but it did make me laugh.

I for one was sad to hear about his death. I was a touch surprised that it was the lead story on the BBC for several hours at a time when we are fighting in several wars.... but I was saddened nonetheless.

Steve Irwin. 1962-2006. Legend.

In the light of my moving tribute to the man, is it wrong that I've been earworming the theme tune to the Gerry Anderson show "Stingray" for most of the day? (hear it here)

Is the fact that my brain has now moved onto "Marina" a sign that I'm getting over this news, or is it just a lack of respect? Is it too soon? (hear it here)


  1. can't say I agree with you there, mate. Yeah, he may have cared for the animals etc but if you play with fire, you are going to get burnt. Especially with him having young kids.

  2. you've got a kid. you drink. you smoke. you drive a car.

    how could you? how could you put yourself at risk like that when you've a child to think about?

    17 people EVER have been reported to have been killed by a stingray. How is that playing with fire? He's not been eaten by a croc or anything. I've swum with a stingray, for heaven's sake.

    I think you're being unfair.


  3. I drink less and drive slower and more circumspectly since I have had a child. Fact. I know he was unlicky, but it was almost certain to happen some day, wasn't it? To him or one of his kids, I imagine (seeing as he was no stranger to putting them in close proximity to dangerous animals either)

  4. it happens to everyone one day mate.

  5. The IRony is that he died doing one of his safer pastimes. Oh well, whe your number is up, your up.