Monday 4 September 2006

to meet him eye to eye and face to face....

I know I said I probably wasn't going to talk about this much, but I had my first session with the hypnotist this evening. I really don't know what to make of it. As he had warned me last week, we didn't do much today except take me through the process and start getting my mind accustomed to the idea of being hypnotised. This meant that I put on a pair of headphones and listened to some soothing music and the voice of the hypnotist for about half-an-hour as he tried to relax me into a hypnotised state. It was nice enough, but I just can't stop stepping outside of my body, looking down on myself and calling myself a wanker. It stops me doing much dancing, and I'm rather afraid it might stop me allowing myself to be hypnotised. I'm analytical and I can't help it. All the time this guy was talking to me and whilst I'm attempting to relax, I find myself distracted by a little voice in my head trying to make up its mind if I should laugh more at this guy's "soothing" tone of voice, or the fact that I was sitting through this whole thing AND paying for the privilege.

Actually, I'm not convinced that it didn't work.

The hypnotist warned me before we started that I wouldn't go into a trance or lose control or anything like that, and I didn't.... but I did feel slightly detached from my body and heavy limbed, and he did being to prompt memories to come back to me from my past.

I'm going back next week.


In other news (and as spotted by Mark...)

Mark Spitz? Frank Zappa? Julie Christie?

You've got to be happy with that.


That bloody leak isn't fixed properly either.


  1. Hahah, I also looked down on myself and thought similar things. Didn't stop it working, however.

    There were some queer moments during it for me, I would be interested to hear how things progress.

    *hug* You're brave for going.

  2. I keep thinking that you're going to have an Office Space moment.

  3. It's interesting how we've been a bit brainwashed into believing that hypnotism has to be a complete trance in order for us to be suggestable. I had the same reaction, and I'm much less "logical" than you, when I did guided imagery for the first time, but I've had some startling experiences doing it.

  4. As someone who has tried and failed with hypnosis, this is exactly how I felt. It almost reminded me of being in church as a kid and wanting to giggle, and I just couldn't wait to get out of there and "test" whether it had worked.

    I think for it to be successful you need to suspend your cynicism and go with it. Otherwise you'll wind up like me - light of pocket and no further down the road!

  5. I have to admit, reading this was extremely interesting.

  6. 'Arf, so you are 62% Luis Figo. Quite an accurate reflection there ;-)

  7. And whereabouts is Zinedene Zidane on the list?!