Thursday 14 September 2006

just a man and his will to survive....

Whilst the cat is away....

... the mouse plays Tiger Woods Golf 2005.

(and yes... your eyes are not deceiving you. I *am* that sad)


  1. right down to the bronto chops....
    tho i do think you need to switch over to some oakleys to complete the look

  2. You've made yourself look a bit like Agent Smith from the Matrix.

  3. Golf games? I'm afraid you've just been docked several million cool points. ;-)

  4. I'd be amazed if I had any cool points to dock, to be honest.

    As a partial explanation for my behaviour, I should say that I'm leaving for Dublin on Wednesday to spend a few days at the K Club watching the Ryder Cup. I'm very excited about it too. Thrasing US golfers on my playstation is all part of the build up for me.