Friday 1 September 2006

look to the future now, it's only just begun....

Earworms of the Week

I’ve finally got myself a decent gadget that connects my iPod to my car radio, so with any luck my earworms will start to become a bit more wide ranging than the CDs I have in the car or the songs that I hear on the radio. The choice is suddenly a whole lot wider. Or looking at this week’s top choice, perhaps that makes no bloody difference at all.

10. ‘Orpheus’ – Ash

Ash rock. If you’ve ever seen them live, then you will already know this. As a guitar band (in my record collection?) they rock to some extent already, but when they play live, they play their songs at about twice the normal speed. They’re a frustrated thrash band. A metal band with melody. There’s no better example of this in their oeuvre than this song: it rocks. Tunefully.

9. ‘Innocent Man’ – Billy Joel

Sorry. It came up on shuffle. What can you do?

8. ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ – Rainbow

Ah, Des will appreciate this one. The weediest crotch thrust after a guitar solo in the history of classic rock.


7. ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah Song’ – The Flaming Lips

Well, what would you do?

6. ‘When You Were Young’ – The Killers

They’ve grown some beards, but this is still very recognisably by The Killers. They’re a bit too fond of the lyric “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus”, and they’ll never write another song as good as “Mr. Brightside”, but it’ll do.

5. ‘Girl’ – Robots in Disguise

The opening track on Foxy’s ace new compilation album, chosen in honour of her own blog, and it’s an absolute stonker. I love it.

4. ‘Banquet’ – Bloc Party

..but anyway. Back to the angular guitar rock.

I found this song implanted in my head for no apparent reason. I think it was the lyric “And you don’t taste like her and you never, ever will”, but I’m not sure how that popped into my head. Probably best not to think about it.

3. ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ – Johnny Cash

Cash’s last album is barnstorming. His voice is faint and you can hear him wheezing as he sings, but he’s defiant. This is the sound of a man who has faced everything and isn’t afraid to die. This song in particular sees Cash warning sinners of a vengeful God who will find them and cut them down.

You can run, but you can’t hide.

2. ‘The Way You Move’ - Outkast

This is the soundtrack to Tiger Woods Golf 2005. It plays in all the menus on the game, and after a while it gets more than a touch annoying.

Can you feel that B-A-S-S bass?


Did I mention I will be attending the Ryder Cup at the K-Club in Dublin at the end of the month?

1. ‘Merry Xmas Everyone” – Slade

Nope. I don’t know either. It was bloody August when I started singing this. Not even Woolworth’s is playing this song yet.

Perhaps I’m just getting it out of my system?


Yes. I know there was going to be a Guest Editor this week, but Lord B. got busy and then went to the pub and hasn’t turned in his homework on time. I don’t blame him frankly. I have got one lined up for next week though! Oh yes. Next week, I’ll be handing the keys of the Earworm slot over to the capable hands of TheCatGirlSpeaks. Should be a good one, as long as she stays away from Bette Midler for the next 7 days....


  1. I am loving that Killers song. Disappointed in the whole Ebay tout thing going on with their Blackpool gig though.

    Very much looking forward to my guest spot next week, although having spent last night seeing the Rocky Horror Show, I'm a bit concerned about the quality of the tunes going round in my head already...

  2. Bette Midler?!


    I've got Duran Duran stuff going round my head lately, and I've no idea where it's come from.

  3. Joy of all joys, told you ..'Christmas' was a winner! Mikes Ma

  4. Oooh, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah,ah-ah, ah-ah ah..I get same old...


    sods law would of course have dictated that I DONT have this song on my nano...which means another agonising four hours before i can head home to crank this one out on eleven....