Monday 11 September 2006

open up my eager eyes...

Is it just me, or is Earl J. Hickey now drumming for The Killers?


  1. by the way, that lyric is one of my favourite mondegreens (I think I'm going to do a post on them soon). Everytime I hear Mr. Brightside, I hear that lyric as

    "open up my eagle eyes..."

    and I still think that's a *much* better lyric, action man reference and all!


    ("excuse me whilst I kiss this guy..." as Hendrix might have said)

  2. That's superb!

    I'm thinking about getting an Earl moustache. It would make me look distinguished I reckon.

  3. In a dutch 70's pornstar kinda way...

  4. Off-topic, but it needs to be said...

    Following the Great Baked Bean Debate post of a few days ago, I can now report that, having just had my third can of Branston's Beans, they are for me definitely superior to Heinz. Give 'em a try.

  5. Er, about the Earl/Killers interface I mean. Not the beans. No thoughts about beans.

  6. Ha. I've been thinking the same thing.